Lubriplate Specialty Fluids and Oils

Lubriplate Air Tool LubricantAir Tool Lubricant

Designed for both rotary and reciprocating types of air tools such as hammers, impact wrenches, air motors, grinders, reamers and drills. Proven excellent air line lubricant, used effectively on lift cylinders of can fillers in breweries, bottling plants. Removes gumming and sludge.

Lubriplate Hydraulic Jack OilJack Oil

A heavy-duty, high pressure hydraulic oil, designed to meet the requirements of most jacks. Contains anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives

Lubriplate Bar & Chain OilBar & Chain Oil

Formulated with special anti-wear additives to provide maximum protection to the bar and chain of all makes of chain saws. SAE grade 20. Good adhesion properties provide excellent resistance to “throw off” action.

Lubriplate Chain & Cable Penetrating OilsChain & Cable Penetrating Oils

Superior penetrating oils that clean and lubricate without gumming. Ideal for wire rope, chains, cables, hinges, springs, slides and other moving metal parts. Protects bright work. Excellent oils to loosen rusty nuts and bolts. Ideal for tapping and drilling.

Lubriplate Super Chain OilSuper Chain Oil

A heavy polymer, tenacious, high flash point oil containing micro-fine graphite. Excellent for bakery ovens, drying ovens where temperatures do not exceed 450°F. / 232°C. Works well on floor chain conveyors, car wash lines, assembly lines.

Lubriplate Syn FlushSyn Flush

This premium quality, pure synthetic fluid is designed to clean and dissolve varnish deposits in air compressors while the compressor is in operation. It is compatible with petroleum/mineral oils as well as all Lubriplate Synthetic Compressor Fluids. Recommended for flushing compressors converting from petroleum base oils to synthetic fluids. SYNFLUSH can be used in its pure form in rotary screw air compressors up to 500 hours.

Lubriplate Heat Transfer OilsHeat Transfer Oils

These high flash and fire point oils are designed for exceptional heat transfer properties. For use on oil type heat exchangers in asphalt plants, roofer tar kettles, curing machines.

Lubriplate Rock Drill OilsRock Drill Oils (10R & 30R)

For all types of rock drills, air hammers and other pneumatic tools. Available in SAE 10W and 30, with the lighter weight oil for cold weather conditions. Use SPO-255 for SAE 50 rock drill oil.

Lubriplate Vacuum Pump OilsVacuum Pump Oils

High performance, non-detergent mineral oils recommended for most rotary vane and rotary lobe vacuum pumps. They are designed to alleviate the sludge, carbon deposits and contamination problems commonly found in industrial vacuum pumps. Lubriplate Vacuum Pump Oil Light is recommended for vacuum pumps typically associated with delicate instrumentation.

Lubriplate HO Special Hydraulic OilsHO Special Hydraulic Oils

HO-32, HO-46 and HO-68 meet the requirements and are approved by Abex-Denison HF-0 and HF-2, they are also accepted by Vickers specification M-2950-S. Lubriplate HO-46 is approved by Cincinnati-Milacron under Specification P-70.