Gates LOLG Hydraulic Hoses

Gates LOLG Hydraulic Hoses

Recommended For: Petroleum-base hydraulic oils, water, glycol antifreeze solutions, engine lubricating oils, and air. Lock-On hose and couplings are NOT recommended for pressure surge applications or critical applications, such as permanent piping in residential or commercial buildings. Do not use for gasoline or diesel fuels, unless approved by Gates H/C Product Application.

Tube: Black, oil resistant, synthetic rubber highly resistant to oil and heat(Nitrile - Type C).

Reinforcement: One fiber braid.

Cover: Oil, and abrasion resistant synthetic rubber (Modified Nitrile - Type C2).

Temperature Range: -40°F to +212°F (-40°C to +100°C). Air to +160°F
(+71°C) only.

Coupling Recommendation:
Field Attachable LOC Couplings
GLP Couplings (except -3)
Use clamp over beaded nipple

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